Sunday, January 3, 2016

Around the House and Out on the Deck

 I'm proud to say Derby has finally gotten the hang
of using the doggie door.
 Sitting in the bedroom screened porch Julep & Derby are 
watching for the two little white dogs from next door.
Jane & Chris live in PA but come here most weekends.
 One of the final project requires the electrician.  He needs to
install the 3 spot lights and ceiling fan.  We can't wait to get the
 back landscaped and use some of the bricks that Talbot County
made us pull up to create a patio.  Of course that will be
done after the final inspection [wink-wink].  I've been
pouring over the spring plant catalogues arriving in the
mail.  Careful choices need to be made.  I don't want
to be spending all my time working in the flower beds.
 We love cooking with gas but I hate
cleaning this stove top.
 Today is take down the tree day.  All other
decorations are packed away including outside lights.
 Prime viewing spot.
That's it for today ... time to get Christmas packed away
so I can do a little sewing later in the day.

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  1. I grew up with an electric stove but have had gas since I've had my own home. Wouldn't want anything else