Monday, December 14, 2015

Sweet Dreams

Derby dreaming of sweet things Santa will leave.

Today the guys installed the new front door and
storm door - photo's to follow.  They also started to
prime and paint the two screen doors for the back
porches.  While the westies were home supervising
the guys I went to take my SUV in for service.
Thinking it was just a routine service appointment for
under $200 turned out to be over $1,000!  I had
a new battery installed and found out that I had
little to no break pads left on the two back tires.
Now why wasn't I told about this on my last
visit or at least given notice they needed to be replaced soon.
Needless to say I gave the guy an ear
full and his only respond was ...
I wasn't the last service tech to handle your
car!  Wait until Lexus calls for me to rate the service.
Happy holidays to me ... I guess Santa leaves
all good girls a new battery and break pads
for Xmas.

1 comment:

  1. Derby looks so sweet dreaming of Christmas treats.
    Yikes on the service visit.