Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Almost Finished Project

 We've been hanging mirrors and pictures throughout the house.
 The guys working on the deck informed me they
are done ... really?  The gutter guy and lighting guy
still need to finish up that portion of the project.
We had a heart attack moment today!  I was outside working in
the front beds so I left the garage door open.  What I didn't
realize was I didn't close the interior laundry room door tight
and the wind blew it open.  Wilson came out and said 'I can't find
Julep the laundry room door is open' ... FREAK OUT HERE!
Julep came in off the deck thru the doggie door and found the laundry
room door open prompting her to explore the neighborhood
leash-less!  Thank goodness Derby won't come back through the 
doggie door so he was out on the back deck.  I headed to the
back yard & Wilson jumped in the car.  I spotted leash-less Julep
 taking her time sniffing the pathway.  She didn't run but came
right to me [breath here].  I carried her back and Derby was hysterically 
happy to see her as we were.  Lesson learned!
The gutters and the 3 spot lights are what's left to do on the 
outside addition.  
The guys put in the pet [or child] fencing today.  That's
the short metal poles between the taller ones. 

Hanging out in the screened porch - bedroom side.
I put a little water on all the plants because I didn't think
it would hurt even though I know we're going to get some rain.
The new front door and storm door.  We need to keep the
paperwork on display until the final inspection.

Wilson's picture will be better that his one.  He has a new
super-duper Nikkor 200-500 mm lens Santa left early.
We're hoping Julep doesn't figure out how to open
the gate to let herself out into the yard.

We also added a doggie door into the screen door.

Well - that's it for today ... happy holidays!


  1. oh my, what a scare Julep gave you. I know how that feels. Glad you found her quickly.

  2. I would have freaked if Hunter went on a walk about without me! Love seeing all the finishing touches-now your ready for Christmas. We have a Nikon 50-300 and it really isn't big enough, but I've priced longer lens and they are so costly.
    Have a great evening.