Friday, January 22, 2016

Around The House & Some New Fabric

Let's talk fabric ... we'll be talking enough about
snow in the hours and days to come.
 I went to JoAnn's and found fabric for pillowcases
to match the back fabric on Cole's Valentine's Day
quilt.  Julep was kind enough to pose with the
completed project.  Box mailed to CA yesterday.
 I purchased one yard of the lake fabric and one yard
of the black star fabric.  Split them at the fold then
sewed one panel to the other so the front and back 
on each case would be different.
 With the drab and cold winter days my spirit needed
something bright and spring-like to work on.  I purchased
the entire line of this fabric collection in fat quarter bundle.
Last night I marked three quilt patterns that would work 
with the rest of this material.  So in other words ...
you'll be seeing this fabric collection again.
 Julep is trying to tell me by looking in the
direction of her treat jar that she wants a treat.

... Fabric Talk ...
 I have no issue with buying fabric on line since I know enough
about which manufactures produce nice quilting fabric.  This
leads me to spending my mornings drinking coffee and reading
'fabric' e-mails looking for bargains.  It is a rare occasion I pay
full price for fabric.  I look for sale prices between $3 
and $5/yard.  That's a fair price to pay and couple that
with free shipping and no sales tax ... need I say more.
 Fleece for pillowcases.   This is excellent quality and so
cute I might make a set of cases for my side of the bed.
 You've seen the Scottie fabric before and it was on sale for
something like $4/yard.  I purchased 3 yards to put away.
The red and gold fabric is beautiful. Wilson was wondering
how that would look in a holiday tablecloth ...
but I didn't purchase enough yardage to make one.
 A few Batik's for my stash.
 I spotted the race car fabric and thought it would make
nice pillowcases to go with Cole's St. Patty's Day quilt.
 Cole is getting older so I'm trying to look for more age
appropriate fabric for pillowcases.  
 I'm not sure why I purchased this.  Maybe they shipped it
to me in error - I will re-check my order.
 Since we don't have a back-up generator for my sewing
machine [should we lose power] I have my favorite fabric
catalogue to swoon over.
Be safe out there.

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  1. I love all your fabric and the split rail fence is so perky and spring like! I hope you don't loose power and can get some sewing in while it storms outside. I didn't get to my machine today, but plan on sewing this weekend. Stay safe and warm.
    Hugs, Noreen