Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Day of Snow = A Day of Sew[ing]

A view from the sewing room window. 
For blog readers who don't know we live in the mid-Atlantic region. 
The east coast snow storm dumped approximately 14" of snow in 
our area which is less than Washington, DC & Baltimore.  
I consider us lucky - we didn't have a single power outage.
 Yesterday I spent the day sewing.  Does that surprise you?
The pattern I used to make this quilt is called the "snowball"
block.  This is a nice pattern and I may make another quilt top
similar to this one using the rest of this fabric group.
 Derby ... can I go out and play in the snow?
During the peak blizzard yesterday I watched one of
our neighbors walk down the center of the road with
her two off leash dogs - a Yorkie and a Jack Russel.
Even though this was so cute to watch the dogs have
so much fun running down the street I seriously
don't think she gave a thought to injury.  Torn
ACL's are common in the terrier breed.
A Facebook friend converted my picture into
this painting using a new app.  I like it!
Be safe
... and ...
 Stay warm


  1. Hi there, Glad you didn't get as much snow as some other areas. We have sunshine for now, but will probably get snow by half time of the Bronco game. Love the quilt; I spent time in my sewing room yesterday as well. Stay warm and sew on!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. perfect day for sewing and what better block to make than a snowball block.
    I like that last picture, very cool