Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Week Just Flew By!

 I'm not sure why this week just seemed to fly by ... but it did!
Looking back on my calendar I really didn't do much
traveling except on Wednesday when I took Julep to be groomed.  
 I managed to mail the box with a quilt, two table runners,
and a set of pillowcases to the Florida westie group.
 Aunt Debby gave Julep two squeaky balls for Christmas.
Julep doesn't share them with Derby.
 Sleeping while I sew ... the boy.
 I am busy working with Valentine's Day fabric and this one
will go to Kaitlyn.  I plan on sewing red hearts in the center
of each large pinwheel.  I have five other quilts that require
finishing so these will be my weekend project.
 It's really nice outside today - light weight jacket weather.
The geese are hanging out in the pond directly in back of
our home.  Since this picture we've had about another
50 geese land.  I'm thinking they got disturbed in the fields behind
our development.  So far they haven't been rooting in our grass.

Well, that's it for today.  I need to get moving up to
my sewing room to finish all those quilts.
Have a great weekend, Katie

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  1. Little sleeping Derby….so sweet! Love that boy!