Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Around The Backyard

 So close yet so far away.
They were heading our way until the westies started to bark
... so it was back to the pond.

 Eastern Bluebird.  I purchased two packages of suet
as well as a heated birdbath so there is a water and food
during these extremely cold days.
 There are hundreds of these that circle the sky looking for food.
 We have bricks!
I took several pictures to send to our landscaper so he can
get a jump on the back yard design.  We want a small
crescent shaped patio area at the base of the back steps.
 We have a lot of design-able back yard space which I
think we should work on in phases.  Also being careful not
to have all that yard maintenance [like in Bozman] is an
important thing to remember.
Phase #1 will be re-setting the bricks and planting along
the back addition.  I can't stand the way all that stuff looks
in the back but we have no place for it.  If you look closely to
the left you will see the heated birdbath on the small white
table.  We also moved over the small Japanese maple close to
the birdbath to hang the suet on.  It looks like a Charlie Brown tree
but that's all we have.  So far ... no birds have found it but then
again it's only been out there less than 24 hours.

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  1. what a great back yard you have. Such a wonderful view