Friday, February 5, 2016

Greetings From My New MAC

 Today we went to the Apple Store in Annapolis to pick out
my new MAC.  It took an hour to make the decision,
pull out my credit card, and walk out the door.  How simple
was that?  The real 'time grabber' is setting up the new
MAC with my photo software and downloading the Window's
office software.  Even though this is the same machine
they [meaning those young kids at Apple] did change around
a bunch of things.  I know it will take time but as I get
older I have less and less and less patience for this stuff.
Getting back to fabric and quilts ... here are two I made
specifically for a neighbor's grand daughters age 2 and 4.  
 Flannel ... perfect for the two year old.
 A scrappy V'day quilt for the 4 year old.
That's it for today ... I have to take a break from trying
to figure this new MAC out.

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