Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Fabric From Henry Glass Has Arrived!

 I'm not sure who is more excited ... Derby or me!
The fabric I won through Henry Glass arrived Fed-X on 
Friday.  I've been busy pressing out the shipping creases and 
trying to figure out what to make ... I have to the end of the month.
 This 'was' a panel.  A typical use of a panel would be
to make it into a child's book or make it the focal point
on a quilt.  I decided to step away from the 'norm' and
make the panel into a set of standard size pillowcases.
 This is the back of the pillowcase [above].
I have several [panel] blocks left and at this
point I have no idea what to do with them.
The complete collection I won from Henry Glass & Co.
contest called 'Desire to Inspire' Challenge 2016
This collection is called 
"Little Red Henby Dana Brooks.

Well, I better get creating ... time is running out!


  1. Does Derby present to you his belly for scratching? Finlay does!

  2. oh boy, look at all those great fabrics. That panel is so cute. I love that