Saturday, February 13, 2016

Here We Are!

It's been several days since I last posted.  I've been busy working
on projects and also I've been putting off learning the
photo software on my new MAC.  The one I used previously
[even though I added it to this computer] just doesn't work
the same as it did on my old MAC.  Who knows why.   
 I wanted to knock out these pillowcases for St. Patty's Day.
I just purchased additional fabric to start on the grand kids
St. Patty's Day quilts.  I feel a little behind schedule on this.
Sarah {the grand kids mom} told me they like to change
out the quilts right after the current holiday is over. 
 My friend Frani made this quilt top and had it sitting
in a drawer for two years.  She's really not a sewer
so I offered to finish it for her.   I love the bright colors. 
 Julep ... napping in my sewing room.
 This is the back fabric Frani picked.  It's perfect for this quilt.
I added the white panels on the sides because of the front
size {I didn't want to cut the front smaller since this wasn't my work}.
Easy to Finish
I pressed & starched the top so the seams would go in one direction,
 made the back panel, did some simple quilting on every third row,
and put on the binding.  She was thrilled!
 I'm still trying to finish up working with the fabric 
designed by Tamera Kate.  I still have a stack left!  
 This quilt was a gift to Sue Ellen Thompson who is a poet.
She has helped Wilson select poetry for the Delmarva Review.
Sue Ellen and her husband invited us over for dinner and this was
a little thank you gift.  It worked perfectly in the TV room.
That's it for this post.  Today I will be working with
the fabric I won from Henry Glass.  I'd like to get
everything done and presented to them by next week
for their blog.

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  1. Those St. Patrick's day pillowcases are so cute.
    Love all the quilts too.So many wonderful bright colors.