Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Henry Glass Give-a-Way & Some Completed Items

 Derby ... my cute little impeder of progress.
 The snowball quilt block.  I chose a block size that
would give a nice view of the fabric in this collection.
 Derby modeling the snowball blocks.  He can be
such a good sport about things like this.
 Here is Julep taking a nap in the sun on the
snowball block quilt.  At this point, it's finished
except for the quilting and binding.
 The Inspection Team
 Not a great picture ... so I'll take another later.
I make pillowcases with 2 fabrics [1 on the front & 1 on the back]
- it allows for switch-ability.  The cases will accompany a quilt 
when I find a 'forever home' for them.

 I took a break from starting the other quilt to make
some American Girl doll outfits.  Personally, I think
they are totally adorable.

 I don't usually show photo's of the back of the
outfits but I do add something as a finishing touch.
 It's hard to see but I added three small flower shaped
buttons to the front of this dress.

This is the beginning of the next quilt I'll be making so stay tuned.

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