Friday, March 25, 2016

Around the Backyard & Let the Landscaping Begin!

 You wouldn't believe the activity we have in our back yard.
Ducks, geese, white egrets, heron's, and birds beyond belief!
 The heron sleeking along the pond shore line.
 Then there are the people, kids and dogs.  Fishing, walking
along the paths and joggers.  This is also the year that one of
the community meadows is being cut which you can see behind
the gentlemen and little boy.
 The first tree planted a Yoshiko cherry.
The birds started to rest on the branches shortly after it
was planted.  We are looking at adding a second tree
but we can't decide on the type.
 Weeping green Japanese maples will be planted on
both sides of the patio behind directly behind
the stone benches we have on order.
 These plants are not for this spot but I like them here.
 The guys are starting to work on the patio and we are trying to
decide which pattern the brick should be laid in.  The kidney shaped
bed behind the worker will be Wilson's sun garden.  At one
end we will be planting a red maple my dad gave me several
years ago.  Since we knew we would be moving from Bozman
one day I put that maple in a pot - and that pot came with us
to the rental and now to it's final home.  It's a nice remembrance
of him and his love for gardening.
 All the grass and soil removed is being piled up on the back
edge of our property.  Next year that will be another bed.
 Plants to be determined.

 There is a swatch of land between our property end and the
pathway that is required to be kept in it's 'natural' form - meaning
grasses and whatever else decided to grow.  Wilson and I found
these at Lowe's for under $4.00 per bag so we will be sprinkling
them in the natural area in hopes we get some flowers.
 The rose finch pair insisted in building this year's nest in my
spring flower arrangement.  To date - no eggs are in the nest.
We will have plethora of color - that is when things start to grow.
There are no homes on the street that have flower so I'm going
to change that!  I don't like the dull look so I planted
a ton of flowers - all colors - all sizes - some plants 
and some summer bulbs. 
 Coral bells, tulips, iris, snapdragons and summer bulbs
of freesia and anemone are in this bed.

 A load of top soil was also delivered for Wilson's garden.
Well, that's it for today.  Gotta go check on the landscapers.
 Happy Easter.


  1. Lots of work going on in your yard. I can't believe none of the other houses have flowers. You'll be the best looking yard there.
    Happy Easter

  2. I bet the Westies love all the activity! :)

  3. All that backyard activity sounds lovely!