Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Spring! Update on the Backyard Project

 Wilson took the first three photo's posted with his special [what I call]
'Big-Boy fancy pants' lens.  My favorite is the robin red breast.
 When I reduced down the pixel count from his original
it made the heron a little fuzzy.  Not the less, it's still an
interesting picture.  
 I'm not sure why the one goose has a specked neck.
If anyone can tell me why, let me know.
 Todd [our landscaper] is bring in loads of stone dust.
 They cemented in the legs for the benches so now the
brick work can begin.
 These look like grave markers to me.
What's Next ... laying of the brick ... and the planting
of the plants we originally ordered.   We also decided on one
more cherry tree but of a different variety then the one planted.
Wilson ordered the two groups of sun loving plants from 
Wayside Gardens and I'm looking at a few more plants
for around the front of the house.
 Last night ...  the sky.
With the wind and chill in the air it didn't stop these
two girls from taking a walk along the path.
Happy Spring


  1. lots of activity around there. Can't wait to see what your yards ends up looking like

  2. Wow, great pictures! I don't know too much about using my camera on manual and adjusting the f-stop or shutter speed. Your yard will be as beautiful as your house.
    Hugs, Noreen