Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cat Quilt

 Julep decided [and who's going to stop her] to take
her after breakfast nap on my newly pressed Easter
fabric.  I should have purchased more yardage of the
carrot fabric.  It would make multiple cute things
for the Easter holiday.
 This was nicely laid out and ready to sew
together until .... THEY came along.
Thank goodness this was a simple pattern to
re-layout.  It's now sewn together and all I need to
do is quilt it.  This is for my sister go give to her friend Jane.

I'm also starting on quilts for the two grand kids.  I sent
Sarah [the mom] a text asking her to check with the 
kids to see if they wanted a quilt or just a set of
pillowcases with cash to go shopping [thinking
this would save me work] ... they came back and said
they wanted the quilts.  Go figure!

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