Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Derby ... and ... Julep

 Here is Derby pre-grooming.
 Here is Derby post-grooming.
He now looks like a little boy westie.  I like his fur trimmed
'tight' on the face.  The [new] groomer commented on how
beautiful Derby's coat is.  That's because he was hand stripped
for two years, eats an species appropriate diet, and has 
a bunch of supplements added to his diet.
 This little fuzzy westie [Julep] will see the groomer on Monday.
 The view by my ironing board. This is after our walk
around the neighborhood.
I pulled out my Easter fabric today and gave it
a nice pressing to remove creases.  Still need to decided
on the pattern I want to use.

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  1. Derby looks adorable as always as does Julep