Sunday, April 24, 2016

Around the Backyard

 Nothing much has happened this past week.
I'm still working on grinding old paperwork that should have
been disposed of before we moved from Bozman.  Also
I've been moving a few boxes from the storage unit[s]
into the garage.  It's amazing how much time this all takes.
 Blue birds on their nesting box.  Haven't seen babies yet.
 Heron going for a walk down the path.
 Derby ... is going to the groomer on Monday.
Julep is going on Wednesday.
 Watching and waiting for anything to bark at.
 Taking a stroll in our back yard.
Yes, the westies barked.
 In the tall grasses [behind the heron] I threw a few
bags of wildflower seed.   I seriously doubt if any of it
will grow but I have my fingers crossed.
 The babies are here!  This is exciting.  So far the parents have
keep the babies away from our yard but they will be
visiting soon to snack on our grass.  We can't wait to
get some close-up pictures.
I finished bindings two quilts so I just need to take a photo
of them.  Since Wilson did 'something' to his knee during
a training session with his Y instructor I have time before
I have to finish the bird quilts [one is for his instructor].
This week will also be busy ... both dogs will be groomed, Wilson has
a doctors appointment, Juan will start painting the back porch
[power-washed it on Saturday to get the clay color off from
the workers boots], I'll still be grinding old papers and taking
bags to the re-cycle center and the big thing is to find the
suitcases and start pulling out clothing and dog stuff
to take on vacation.  We'll be leaving on May 1
for the Outer Banks.  It will so nice to get a break
from the pollen.  

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  1. You've got a busy week. So many great things to see in your back yard.