Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday to Julep!

Happy 8th Birthday Julep!
 Please disregard the 6th birthday printed on this picture.  
It [meaning the picture] popped up on my Facebook page today as 
a reminder of past posts.  I felt this was an exception photo of
Julep thus the reason for re-posting.
 Derby took a nap after breakfast just prior to going to
see Lauren, the groomer.  Derby grows fur [or coat]
like crazy so I had Lauren cut him shorter since we'll be
at the beach next week.
 Now he looks like a little boy westie.
 My what big ears you have!
The groomer took more off the head then I would have 
liked so now he looks like he has bat ears.  Oh
well, everything will grow back.  Next up ... Julep
on Wednesday to get her winter coat taken off.


  1. Happy Birthday Julep. Hope you get lots of treats today.
    I love Derby's bat ears.