Monday, April 11, 2016

Birthday at the Smokehouse

 Here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner at the
Talbot Smokehouse.  The inside didn't change much from the
previous owners but the menu sure did!  We also went on the
early side but by the time we left the place was packed.
 In my mind a true test of a good BBQ joint is the pulled
pork sandwich.  Even though it wasn't on the dinner menu
the kitchen accommodated my request for one.  I also
added a side of 'slaw' because how can you eat pulled
pork without it?  Everything was excellent from the
food to the service.
 I was surprised Wilson ordered the smoked chicken
and not something like brisket.  He liked the chicken and
tried some of my pulled pork - he was impressed.
Would we take the 25 minute drive down to Trappe again?
You bet we would!

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  1. oh that looks really good. Glad you had a nice birthday dinner