Sunday, April 10, 2016

Guess What Day This Is?

 If you haven't guessed already it's my 
B - I - R - T - H - D - A - Y!
62 years ago today at 5:42 in the morning
I was hatched born.  Seems like yesterday I
was taking my first steps with the loving
help of my parents.
~ No Birthday Cake Here ~
Pizza right from the oven!
For those that know me know I love & adore pizza.
Pizza trumps cake any day in my book.
My sister drove to St. Michaels Friday after work and spent
the night so on Saturday [in the rain/snow] we could
drive to Hobby Lobby in Salisbury with the intention of
having a big birthday pizza at Ponzetti's Pizza & Sub Shop.
  Ponzetti's still is a favorite place on the boardwalk in Ocean City
 and Deb and I were both tickled when we discovered another
Ponzetti's down the road from Hobby Lobby.
Tonight Wilson is taking me to a new BBQ restaurant
called the Talbot Smokehouse to celebrate.  I'll let
you know how it is.