Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning Buns & Iris

 My bad sweet husband ordered morning buns from Williams-Sonoma
as a little treat for us [see my waist expand].  There are
 two more trays tucked in the freezer for when we have 
the 'bun' urge again.  

 Baked ... half way.
 These are amazing [and rich] especially after you roll
them in cinnamon sugar while hot.  He also purchased
two sizes of croissants - large and mini.  We have had
those before and they are a treat as well.
 I'm so tickled that the iris are blooming while we are
still here and not on vacation.

 Yesterday I noticed rabbit damage in our front flower bed.
Those pesky rabbits nibbled down the leaves on
several of our coral bell plants.  In doing this they have
broken off several new plants that started to come up.

Well, it's off to vote today [in Maryland] followed by
lunch out.  Yesterday it was so perfect outside I talked
Wilson into going to Foxy's [on the water] in 
St. Michaels for lunch - minus the westies. 
Have a nice day, Katie 


  1. Goodness, those buns look great!
    And so do the Iris...love them.

  2. Oh my word, those buns look amazing. I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at the picture....lol