Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Around The New House

 Blooms from the first cherry tree planted.   The second cherry tree
which is a Kwanzan hasn't opened yet.  We are hopeful it will
bloom and not just leaf out.

 It's been a long time since I was able to grow tulips in
my garden due to rabbits & squirrels in Bozman.   Even though
we have both here [in St. Michaels] they haven't found
my tulips yet.  I remain ever hopeful they won't.
 Brick artists at work.  Boy, that patio took longer to lay down
then we thought.  We are extremely happy with the shape
and size we decided on.   We made one side by the steps
a little larger to hold the Primo Grill.
 Mulch was put down on all the beds [front & back].  I'll be planting
 annuals in the beds soon.  I'm already looking at spring
bulbs to plant in fall.  I'm crazy for plants [and fabric] just
in case you didn't realize that!
 Letting the cement harden around the patio edge before 
the mulch is spread.
 We have enough brick to put a border around Wilson's sun garden.
The plants are ready here {Wilson order two pre-planned gardens from
an on-line store called Wayside Gardens}.  The guys should finish 
up the brick work up this week - then he can plant.  The guys
did plant my dad's red maple in one corner of the bed which
won't interfere with the brick work.
 We've already spent time on the stone benches when a
few of the neighbors stopped by to say hi and chat.
We spend a lot of time outside on the back addition which
makes every cent we paid so well worth it.
Have a great Sunday.


  1. it's looking good. I like the way they layed the bricks

  2. Those flowers are great. We went to the botanical gardens this week and it made me remember how nice flowers and beautiful plants can really be. I think we will be adding a garden next weekend. We at least want one in the backyard and I think we might mainly just grow edible plants so it feels slightly more useful.

    Jacqueline @ Buyer's Option Realty Services