Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back Home in the Hood

 Derby likes to go on vacation ... but there is no place like home.
 Remember those croissants Wilson ordered frozen from
Williams-Sonoma?  We had them our first morning back home.
So simple to make ... take from the freezer and place
on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
prior to going to bed.   They defrost and start to rise while
you sleep.  How effortless is this?
Straight from baking in the oven.
The house smells like a French bakery! 
Wilson forgot to brush on the egg-wash which would have
made the tops shiny and crisp.  None the less, they were still decadent.
 They are back to the old begging routine.
 Cattle egret on the edge of the pond.

 I took this yesterday morning because of the light fog
hovering on top of the water.  If you look closely you'll
see a heron looking for breakfast.
 Red wing black bird flying above the meadowlands. 
While we had so-so weather in the Outer Banks
I understand St. Michaels had a lot of rain.
This is our backyard after one week with no lawn mowing.  
Wilson put down lawn fertilizer prior to us leaving on vacation
 so that gave the lawn extra growing power.  
Also due to the weather the landscaper couldn't work on that
big pile of dirt - we wanted him to till it then move some
of the dirt over to another bed we want made.  
 Until then - have a great day.  Katie

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  1. it's always nice to get back home after vacation. Those croissants look so good