Monday, May 9, 2016

Last Night in Duck

 After we came back from our 5 minutes on the beach
{see the previous post below this one} we spotted a
King Fisher resting on a branch looking for dinner.

 The unexpected visitors announced to us by the westies.
 No wonder the westies were sniffing the side yard
like little crazies during the week ... it was deer scent. 
 They look pretty healthy to me.
 Julep is waiting for the deer to come out of the brush.
 Spotted:  Carolina Wren ... Tiny birds with a big voice!
 Sunset reflections.  I walked the westies to the end of the pier
but they had no interest in staying out there.
 On deer guard duty.
The last vacation sunset.

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  1. Hard to believe the week went by that fast.