Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

 It's been a very hot Memorial Day weekend but that hasn't
 stop the westies from basking in the sun.
Which Way Did They Go? 
Two bunnies ran thru the yard in opposite directions
so quickly the westies didn't have time to react.
 We love sitting in the rocking chairs observing all
the birds, ducks, deer, geese, herons, egrets and let us not
forget the bunnies!  It's fun to wave to the neighbors
walking along the pathway.  I love this development.
Wilson hung two hummingbird feeders by the porch and
now we have a 'zen' birdbath.   All this in hopes of getting
a good picture of hummers bathing and feeding.
... Now on to the important stuff ...
 Building my stash of fabric ... and let me just say that with the
addition of all this fabric my sister still has more than I do.
 I'm a fabric addict and I'm proud of it ... so there!
Memorial Day brings sales and my e-mail box was overflowing 
with very good fabric prices from several of the internet companies
I like ... so how could I not take advantage of purchasing fabric at $5.00
per yard.  With sale prices + free shipping + no sales tax = a deal.
This apron will be made for Marinna.  I promised her that
we would bake cupcakes together in the summer.
 I'm working on the layout for Cole's 4th of July quilt.  I know the
map will be centered - beyond that I have a lot of fabric play with.
 I didn't realize this was a panel.  It will make a
totally adorable quilt when I get around to it.
 The top 3 fabrics I plan to use as quilt backs.
Daisy [our grand daughter] is graduating from high school
and in the fall will start Parson's School of Design in New York
City.  I thought it would be fun to collect funky fabrics to 
make her pillowcases.  I know there are only so many
cases she will need so I will tell her to share with
other students in her dorm.


  1. $5 a yard AND free shipping and no sales tax would be impossible to pass up.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you also

  2. I love the post-rabbit picture. Reminds me of an old gag, "which way did they go, which way did they go." I confess I did open some of those sale emails. My sewing room is about to explode if I buy anymore! You are so productive!