Thursday, May 26, 2016

Princess Quilts & Fish Bag

 I was in the process of finishing up this quilt I started in the Outer
Banks until Ms. Julep decided to take her afternoon nap on it.
Oh well, on to project #2 and #3 in the meantime.
 Project #2 and #3 are for the neighbors grand daughters.
I don't know the ages of the girls but they will stop by
over the weekend to pick up their surprise quilts.  I'd
love to get a few pictures if they will cooperate.
Since the girls are at the age of I want what she has I
made both quilts pretty much the same.  I know
the little differences but I'm betting they won't.
Don't mind the creases ... they still need pressing.
Both backs are exactly the same.  I wanted to use up
the rest of my fairy fabric to get it out of my stash.
Fish Laundry Bag
I've been waiting for this pattern to become available from - it's free ... and ... it's easy to make.  I'm going to
show you how easy it is in the photo's below.  If anyone would like
this pattern without going to the site, just let me know and I can
send you the file.  I chose the body fabric to match the fabric
in the girls quilts.   The beauty is you can make the fish using
 all one fabric or even use that beach bag netting for the body
or mix and match fabric as I did.      
 From the pattern you simply cut 2 fish bodies on the fold.
I used a simple zig-zag to finish the edges.  On the straight
edge I used my serger.
 The fish head with the two casings for the draw strings.
 The casing in place with topstitching done.  I finished those
edges with the serger also.  One thing I forgot to mention is
that the seams are 1/2".  I'm use to sewing 1/4" seams and making 
the switch to 1/2" took concentration.
 Attaching the head to the body.
 I top stitched across the seam of the body and head.
 We're almost done!  Pinning the two right sides together for
that 1/2" seam around the sides.
 I can't live without my Bodkin!  That's the thin metal stick with
a little ball on the top that you see on the fish body.  Flash back
to 1971 sewing class ...  we used the bodkin in clothing construction
especially on collars or points to push out the fabric pre-pressing.
Funny that I can't remember what I said 5 minutes ago
but I can remember the Bodkin from 1971!
 After flipping and pressing I decided to top stitch on the outside
of the fish body only.  The directions didn't call for this but I 
felt it would make the bag a little more stable.
 The pattern calls for cloth eyes - I decided on buttons instead.
 The pattern also gives you the option of making fabric ties or
using ribbon.  Since I have a ton of ribbon and was short on 
time ... ribbon was my go-to on these bags.
 The final step ... threading the ribbon through the fish mouth.
The final fish with one quilt inside.  
I'll be making more of these little fish laundry bags.
They are fun as well as a unique gift especially for kids that like
to drag things around.  

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  1. love the quilts and the fish laundry bag is adorable