Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday in Duck

 Last night I happened to look outside and saw a cormorant.
I'm glad I had my camera near by.
 Water on the 'sound side' was rough last night.
We had a little rain but a lot of lightening in
the wee hours of the morning.  The sun finally
came out around 1p.m. this afternoon.
I forgot to post this when I did the write up on dinner at
Coastal the other night.  It's hanging outside on the patio.
 I'm not even thinking about
getting on a scale anytime soon!
. . .
And the story goes something like this
Wilson and I wanted to go back to the Rundown Cafe for 
lunch this afternoon but they're closed on Wednesday.
So we drove over to the next strip mall and I saw a
Duck Donuts NEXT to High Cotton.  I originally thought
High Cotton was a clothing store but when I checked
on-line I realized it was a restaurant - silly me. 

With just two minutes to spare
Duck Donuts closes at 1:00p.m.
I've been reading about Duck Donuts for years and all the 
praises they get from customers ... but we never tried them.
 Why ... I don't have a clue.  All donuts are custom ordered.
We'll take 4 please
I picked vanilla icing - one with sprinkles and one with
chopped peanuts.  Wilson decided glaze on both and added
sprinkles on just one.  How insanely delicious - I can't stand it!
 Sorry to say ... the donuts didn't made it back to the rental. 
But if you really want to see an actual picture of them ...
we can go back.
 I'm now called Duck Donuts and High Cotton the
We were totally impressed with our lunch at H.C.
Fast, fresh, and so super-yummy I want to go back
one more time before we leave.
 I had the pulled-pork sandwich.
 Wilson had the brisket platter.
What I didn't buy [if that counts for something!]
It's hard to believe that I didn't buy one box of these even
though I don't recall seeing the chocolate scottie before.
But don't be alarmed because ...
I know exactly what aisle they are in at Harris Teeter.

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