Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday in Duck

 It's not a great weather day so we're just playing
it lazy today as you can see by Julep.
 Is there room for me on that pillow?
I need a nap.
 I'm not sure what woke Julep up from a sound
sleep.  I certainly didn't hear a thing outside
but those westie ears must have.
... On High Alert ...
How's that for a pose?
 Derby trying to figure out what Julep heard.
 I haven't been doing much sewing but have managed to sew
this together last night.  Just need to add the top and bottom border.  
 As I mentioned it's not a great weather day.  The weatherman hinted
 we might see a glimmer of sun later this afternoon.
 We're at low tide on the Sound side and this little bird
is taking advantage of finding food.

 It's chilly and windy and even the westies don't want to be out for long.
Tonight we're going out to dinner with our friends
Charlie and Katie.  I made dinner reservation at Blue Point
which is less than 3 minutes away from our rentals.
I'll try and snap a few pictures if I can.  

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  1. Well vacations were made for being lazy but I'm sure you would rather have nicer weather