Wednesday, June 15, 2016

18 Years Ago Yesterday!

 It was 18 years ago yesterday that Wilson and I married.
We held the ceremony on the shoreline in Bozman with family,
friends and a few close neighbors.  The following weekend we a
reception in our home in Potomac.  
 As with every special occasion we like to celebrate
at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Annapolis, Maryland.
It was a perfect night so we requested a table
on the patio to have our celebratory anniversary dinner.
This was the arrangement just inside the front door at
Ruth Chris.  While waiting for the hostess I took this picture.
 Our table was decorated in rose pedals.
 The special soup offered was roasted yellow tomato
soup with a puff pastry center.  It was yummy!
 Wilson had oysters which he said were very good.
 For dinner I chose the 6 ounce filet with a side of
mashed potatoes ... Wilson picked surf and turf.

 There was nothing left over to bring home!
The manager came by to say Happy Anniversary and
sent over this special dessert ... nothing was left on this
plate as well!
Our first 'selfie' ... toasting each other to
another 18 years together with a nice glass
of red wine since we are really not champagne drinkers. 

Our first meeting was on June 14th,
Wilson's parents were married on June 14th
So we decided June 14th should be our 
wedding day as well.