Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Angels Have Arrived!

 The angel fabric arrived from eQuilter.com and it's really pretty.
 I love the angels with musical instruments.  The colors are deep
and rich and I want to ordered more yardage.   That fabric would
make a set of beautiful pillowcases to give as a gift.  It's amazing
how many people love angels ... I do!
This is a better picture to see the scale of the angels.  
Either gold fabric would make a nice cuff on a pillowcase.
 I didn't pay attention to how large the panel was.
It's actually smaller than I thought but that's what happens
when you don't read the description.  In any event, it still
will be a nice center and since my Mom wanted a quilt
for one particular chair that is narrow this will work
fine with a few borders around it.
Little angel Julep [until she starts the non-stop barking]. 
This fabric is also part of this collection and I decided
I liked it for the back of the quilt.

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