Friday, June 10, 2016

Around The Backyard

 A view of the backyard from the screened porch off the bedroom.
 Our weather has been perfect which means we've been
 busy planting plants in our new beds.  The landscaper came on
Wednesday to finish up the work he started several weeks ago.
 The plants in this bed should be much bigger but
they are not due to our rabbits having the plant munchies.
Bee Balm.  I like the lipstick pink color.
 We purchased the red cone flower plants from Lowe's.
 This was an impulse purchase ... a balloon flower plant.
 White cone flowers also from Lowe's.
 This is the biggest of the new gardens.  We have one thunderhead
pine, two burford hollies,  white & red cone flowers, daisy plants
and a dwarf ginkgo tree.  We're leaving the mulch off for now so
we can use Round-up on grass from the original lawn that pops up.  

 The second smaller bed with a mix of shrubs, grasses,
and misc. flowers.  No mulch yet on this bed as well.
Our great neighbor Scott who loves his garden as well.
We are trying to get as much outside work done before
Wilson has minor knee surgery next week.  He'll be out of
commission for at least 3 weeks.

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  1. What a great view you have. Those flowers are all pretty.