Sunday, June 12, 2016

Around The Backyard

Before you see the rest of the plants we put in the ground today
I just wanted to show you my orchid plant that I moved outside
on the porch.  Normally, orchids like to rest after blooming 
but this plants has been blooming for about a year now.
It was $9 at Sam's Club and I think I've gotten my money's worth.

 Well, we made yet another trip to Lowe's this afternoon and
filled up the back of the SUV once again.  We purchased
7 plants for this bed but we're still missing two grasses
that Wilson wants to put on each end.  Today we've watered
this bed twice due to the heat and dry wind.  We are also
hesitant to put a layer of mulch on due to the grass
still growing up from the lawn.
 We face due west and we get the full impact of the sunset.

 We planted a row of marigolds in the front of the second bed.
Wilson also sprinkled more anti-bunny stuff in the beds as well.
 Still waiting for our landscaper to come up with a tree for
that spot with the two sticks.  I'm hoping for a locus and in
the spring he can plant the cherry in another spot.
This little red maple is the one my father started for me while we 
were living in Bozman.  It's a happy little camper now being 
able to spread out its roots.

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  1. it's all looking good. You definitely got your moneys worth from that orchid. It's so pretty