Saturday, June 4, 2016

Around the House

 While Wilson is still away I've been tasked with keeping
an eye out in the back yard for anything of interest.  I spotted
the white egret as he landed in the tall pine on the 
edge of our property line.
 While I [always] reduce the pixel count on pictures when
I transfer from my photo software onto this blog
this still shows nice details.  If Wilson was here and
he had his 'big-boy camera' his pictures would have
been spectacular.

Bye bye my egret friend ... come back soon.

... Fabric: Another Order Delivered ...
 This fabric is by designer Michael Miller & was on sale
for $5/yard.  I took a chance and ordered from a new
[to me at least] fabric on-line store called Brooklyn Fabrics.  
I thought it was Brooklyn, New York "NOT" Brooklyn, Iowa!
 I wasn't sure what to expect but this order was packed
perfectly.  The fabric was cut straight, folded neatly and 
placed in sealed plastic bags which came priority mail.
The primary color stripe fabric didn't make it to my
'fabric holding area' ... it was used for the body of a fish laundry bag.

I've been pinned!  This card was tucked in my order.
Will I order from Brooklyn Fabric again - you bet!  I have one 
more fabric order I'm waiting for.  This order [from Equilter]
 has a just released golden angel holiday panel.  My mom liked
 it so I'll be making a slim quilt for the back of her chair.

Have a nice weekend ... Wilson comes home on Sunday
so I'll be doing some last minute power sewing.


  1. Your pictures of the egret are outstanding.

  2. Excellent pictures of the egret.
    Lots of great looking fabrics there.

  3. Thanks for the great tip on the online store in Iowa.