Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Misc. Ramblings

 One of my new favorite plants in our garden is coral bells.
The growers produced some very interesting veining as well
as different shaped leaves.  Our rabbits loved them as well.
As a note: the rabbit repellent our neighbor suggested from Lowe's
works beautifully.  My hollyhocks {I love them as well & they 
remind me of when my parents had them growing along the
driveway when I was a kid} are finally growing post-rabbit attack.  
 I started this quilt while on vacation in the Outer Banks.
It doesn't have a home so it's in my 'finished quilt waiting area'.
 Since the front fabric is soft nautical batik prints I choose
rope knots and shells for the backing.  Last night I finished 
up using the leftover's from this quilt to make another using a 
pattern I made up.  Will post those pictures later.
 The fall quilt [as well as the doggie quilt below] are kits from
the Quilt Guild's Outreach group.  I'll turn them in next month.
It's amazing how many quilts, pillowcases, bibs, hats and pillows
the ladies in the guild make for charity donations.  Next time
they post the numbers of donated items I'll let you know.

Finally little white westie-type of dogs on holiday fabric.  
I'm barking for joy but I haven't ordered it yet. I like the 
entire coordinated collection which would make an adorable 
quilt or two.  Crazy as it sounds I'm ready to move on to making 
Christmas quilts.  The holiday angel material I ordered has shipped
a perfect reason to start my holiday quilting early!

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  1. I like that plant, those leaves are really pretty.
    Your quilts look great as always and that holiday fabric is wonderful. It's never too early to work on Christmas projects