Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Derby for President & 4th of July Quilt

 For those not happy with our Presidential candidate's I want
to go on record and announce I'm voting for Derby for President.
His promise ... to be tough on dog food manufactures who
put sub-par ingredients into dog food {NO corn/wheat/soy in any
dog food or treat} as well as cracking down on puppy mills and
 those that mistreat his kind.  With half the United States covered
in his campaigning there still are a few more states to go.
It's such hard work on the campaign trail ... it's time for a nap.
... Julep ...
 It's time to get serious.   This quilt is for Cole.
Sarah & the kids are moving on July 1 so it's important this gets done.
 With leftover fabric I'm making a simple quilt for Marinna.  
 I whipped up three pillowcases to go with the
quilts.  All will be put in the fish bags prior to mailing.

1 comment:

  1. Derby has my vote.
    Love the quilts and the pillowcases look great