Thursday, June 2, 2016

The California Family

 Wilson & Sarah have lunch at In & Out Burger
 Cole ~ Sarah ~ Kaitlyn
 The graduation girl ... Daisy!
Wilson attended Daisy's high school graduation ceremony yesterday.
I'm waiting for better pictures.  She's heading to Parson's
School of Design in NYC in August.  I plan on seeing her there. 
We didn't know what to get her as a gift so when Wilson 
learned she had a old 'flip phone' it was a no-brainer to
get her an iPhone.  She'll need that for getting around NYC!  
 Carol & Nicky
Carol is an artist ... note the piece of art hanging on the wall ... 
it's wild, funky & fun.  She has worked on the Simpson's
{she's the person who made the people the color's they are},
Disney and ton of other productions.
 Casey & Nicky
Casey ... if this girl isn't destine for Broadway I would be
shocked.  She loves to dance, sing and act.
Wilson & Kaitlyn
Look at those natural waves in her hair.  She has already been
in an off-school play and is a top student.  It will be fun
to see what her career in life will be.


  1. Oh I almost forgot I wanted to ask you what the name of the stuff was that you used to keep the rabbits and deer away