Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Finally Made The Decision!

 As you may or may not remember we decided several years ago
we needed a new Christmas tree.  One that is basically put together
and pre-lite.  So last Christmas I slowly added our old tree to
the weekly trash pick-up until it was all gone.  With that
I had no choice but to search for the best tree at the
best price.  I've been monitoring prices since January
and came to the conclusion that no one orders trees in
summer so this has to be a good time to place an order.  
 I made my decision on the type of tree and felt the price was good.
With that I also decided to order a tree for the dining room.
 This is the 7' Classic Cashmere Pencil.  It has soft
tips with a soft golden look.  It will look very nice next to our
dining room wallpaper.  It is pre-lite and only 19" around.
 I ordered a storage bag for the big tree.  It's like a large rolling piece
of luggage and it's just about as heavy as the tree.
 This is our new tree ... a 7-1/2" Classic pre-lite
Frazier Fur.  I need to take it out of the box
and check to be sure the lights work.
One wild and crazy quilt for Daisy!
I texted Daisy a picture of her quilt and asked if it
was indeed too much for her and she said no.  I'm now
working on another quilt using the leftover of the
Kaffe Fassett fabric line.

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  1. Those are nice looking trees. Mine is getting pretty old and is just way too big. I've been wanting to downsize to something slimmer.