Monday, June 27, 2016

The House of Wayward Fabric

 Our home has changed it's name from the House of the Westies 
to the House of Wayward Fabric.  I take in all fabrics regardless
of size, color, and shape.
 I've been waiting months for my first social security check to be
deposited and it finally was.  My sister [Debby] suggested several
months ago that I use my first check to buy fabric.  I liked that
idea very much and so this is why you are seeing all the fabric
pictures.  Now in all seriousness I couldn't bring myself to use all
of the first check on fabric but felt comfortable using half.
 I like supporting little fabric stores.  The packaging is
nice and neat and and it's also nice to see a signed
thank you note tucked in with your order.
 The vine fabric would make interesting pillowcases.
I'm also trying to build up my stash for kids quilt.

 This was $3/yard.  I'll search for the designer and see
what pattern she has available.

 Starting here ... this group of fabrics came from a new company
I just tried called Gardensong Fabrics.  This fabric shipped in a
long priority mailing box and groups of fabrics were placed
in long plastic bags and taped.  I was impressed with the packaging.

 As a thank you they put in this little plaid fat quarter.
Now how many 'big' fabric sites do that for their customers?
None - to the best of my knowledge.
 July I'll start working on Christmas quilts.

Well, all the new fabric is tucked into it's proper
place in the Home for Wayward Fabric.  I'm still
working on the Kaffe Fassett fabric as you can see.

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  1. What a nice way to spend part of your first social security check. A gift to yourself for all the years of hard work.