Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Baltimore Skyline

 Yesterday Wilson had an appointment with a new heart doctor
at John Hopkins in downtown Baltimore.  Our general doctor
wanted him to have a second opinion and evaluation of the
medications he is taking for his atrial fibrillation.
 So we drove into Baltimore which is about 2 hours from our
home.  The Baltimore skyline from the top of the parking garage at Hopkins. 
 This is one of the many building within the complex of John Hopkins.
Wilson was very impressed with Dr. Hugh Calkins who comes
 with a list of credentials three miles long.  
I have to say we are blessed to live near so many great 
medical facilities in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area.
All in all Wilson received a good report.  He has to schedule
a sleep study and the doctor told him to purchase a small
device which attaches to your cell phone to take a
daily EKG.  This records the data which can be sent to the 
doctor for evaluation.  I didn't know this in-home technology
existed so it will be interesting to see just how well it works.

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