Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Little of This & That

 We never know what we'll see in the backyard.
Wilson & I both ran out with our camera's to snap pictures
of the white egret but our camera lens fogged up due to
the heat. This was the only photo that turned out.
 It's been so hot and humid I won't take the westies
out to the park for a walk ... they are getting tired
of staying indoors.   Life could be worse!
 I finished piecing the two matching Christmas quilt tops
yesterday and decided since this pattern is simple [and I
don't have to do much thinking] I decided I wanted to make
a few more simple quilts.  Westie rescue auctions will be starting
soon and I'd like to donate some dog themed quilts to them.

 The great backyard.
 My favorite time of day is sunset when I sit on the porch
and watch the sun set behind the trees with a nice icy martini.  
 Julep [that stinker] is trying to convenience me to give her dinner at 3:00
[one hour ahead of schedule] one pushy westie she is.
 Barking orders at me ... let's go!
 Derby ... backing up Julep's claim to eat dinner at 3.

That's it for my Saturday night post.  I was surprised by 
Fed-X package #2 of fabric delivered today.
Those pictures will be posted on Sunday.   I think package #3
of fabric will be delivered on Tuesday.  I can now say
[tongue in cheek] that I have enough fabric for now.
But even with all these yards and yards of fabric additions
my sister still has more! 

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  1. Oh those two are adorable and make quite the team. So did they win out and get dinner early?