Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Morning Fabrics

 Sunday Morning Funnies Fabrics
Practically all of the fabrics shown cost $3.99/yard on sale.
Order #2:  Hancock of Paducah

 This stack = 24 yards of fabric
 Also on special was a mixed bag of 50 batik fabrics of
varies sizes with a guarantee to be 9" wide x 15" length.
All pieces measured more than 9"w x 18"l so I'm happy.
This collection was only $24.99.

 When my sister and I fabric shop at Burkholder's in Lancaster
we walk in and oogle bolts and bolts of batiks.  We both love
this type of fabric for the rich colors and unique patterns.

 The bag of batiks from Hancock's is perfect since I
like to make scrappy quilts using this type of fabric.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for visiting.
I'll be putting fabric away ... hope you do something
you love to do today as well.

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  1. what an awesome collection of fabrics. In the second one up from the bottom, at first I thought it was smiley faces on the fabric then I realized they were buttons