Sunday, July 3, 2016

Around the Sewing Room on 4th of July Weekend

 We are having yucky weather today {Sunday} so I've
been playing in the sewing room while the westies relax.
 I finished putting together, quilting, making and
attaching bindings on 5 quilts.  That was 2+ days worth of work.
I need to flip the bindings over from the back to the front.
I like sewing bindings by machine instead of the more tradition way of
by hand.  Some call it cheating ... I call it an easy and speedy
way with a modern twist to finishing quilts.
 Just one more step and these babies are complete.
Now onto the next quilt project.
 In the middle of finishing up five quilts I started another
pattern from a jelly roll [which is pre-cut 2-1/2" strips].  That roll
was begging me to make something nice for someone.
 Derby came over to see the new project.  I love working with
Batik fabrics.  The colors and designs are endless and in my
opinion you can't mess up putting any color next to another.

That's the Derby sign it's 4:00p.m. which means
in this house it's westie dinner time.  

We're expecting rain for Monday so I'll be working in the
sewing room once again.

The St. Michaels firework display was on Saturday night.
Wilson and I sat on the porch and enjoyed watching the ones
that cleared the tree tops which was perfect for us.

Have a great 4th of July ... I'll be scouting those
on-line fabric sale sites {as if you didn't know!}.

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  1. Wow, you got a lot done. I would prefer the speedy way of using the machine over hand sewing too.
    Have a happy 4th