Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blue Apron

 Our first meal order from Blue Apron came last night.  Our neighbor uses 
Blue Apron and receives [the occasional] 'give 3 free meals to a friend' coupon.
When I mentioned I didn't know about Blue Apron she was happy to
pass along the code for ordering this $60 value - free.  Thank you Tamera!
 For those that don't know about the Blue Apron service it's
3 complete meals in a box that is delivered right to your doorstep on
the day you choose.  You have lots of meal choices but can't
deviate from the entire meal - meaning you can't change the
green beans in one meal for french fries in another meal. {Bummer}.
Also each meal comes with complete cooking instructions and
if you still can't figure something out you can go to the website
and watch a video of the prep/cooking.
 The unveiling of our 3 meals with Derby's help. 
 All the ingredients are perfectly measured and packaged
with the name of the meal it belongs to.  I love how they
packaged that single egg.
Now I feel Blue Apron needs help with the containers they are 
currently using for wet ingredients.  As you can see two of
the bags have leaked ingredients.  Not good! 
The three meals I picked out of this weeks selection are:
Meal #1: Ginger Pork Burgers with black bean mayo & 
Furikake-dressed green beans
 Meal #2:  Fried Chicken & Kale Slaw with roasted sweet
potato wedges and hot sauce
Meal #3:  Enchiladas Suizas with summer squash, poblano
pepper and creamy salsa verde
Tonight we had the chicken dish and Wilson made the kale
his way not as they suggested.  Tomorrow we'll try the ginger
pork burgers for lunch which sound interesting.  Now I'm not
sure we'll continue with Blue Apron.  They only post what
the chef's are cooking three weeks out and nothing seems
that exciting to me.  If you're working and want a variety of meals in
a simple format with limited time to cook then Blue Apron is for you ... but
for us retired folks the jury in the Wyatt household is still out.


  1. An acquaintance (a widow) I know in North Carolina uses this service during the winter. She likes it because she lives alone and doesn't like to cook.

  2. I've seen the commercial for this. I've wondered how good they were. I've never even looked in to it because I figured it was probably more expensive than I'm willing to pay