Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Made in Italy

The Board ... made in Italy ... now that's a shocker!
 The Board 2-in-1 ironing table was delivered Fed-x
last night as well as a small selection of holiday
fabric I ordered from Brooklyn Fabric's sale section.
 The Board [in the back] at it's highest position.  
It doesn't look like much difference comparing the
typical ironing board with the new board but it is when
you're ironing.  The Board has multiply height
adjustments [of course].
 It's simple to change from a regular ironing board
to the full board.
 Set-up as the typical ironing board.
 You simply slide on the 'board' piece, put on the cover
and it's ready ... set ... iron.
 Unfolded fabric with room to spare on the sides.  Plus the iron 
has it's own section so it doesn't take up space on the board.
 I'm in Love
Why didn't I get The Board when I started quilting?
Holiday fabric that I may not cut this year because I
like it that much [but we'll see].   Pictures later.
The iron is way way down there.
It is a hefty price to pay for an ironing board
but it's well made, has a nice weight to it, will last
longer than I will ... and it's made in Italy!
I'm extremely happy with my new Board.

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