Monday, July 18, 2016

The Weekend Has Come & Gone

 The weekend has come and gone and I did manage
to squeeze in a little sewing between house cleaning.
This is the second quilt I put together using this combination
of fabrics.  Can you tell I'm trying to use all of this up?
I started with: 3 yards of the Scottie print, 2 yards of the 
green holiday scroll, and 2 yards of the gold/red.  The only 
thing I have left is 1/4 of a yard of the red/gold.
 I hate to put back small pieces of left-over fabric so
I searched my pattern books and found a simple 
table runner pattern ... I made two runners.
 On the free table several Guild meetings ago I picked
up a quilt pattern that was interesting  ... last night I
pulled fabrics for this new project.  I really
want to get all that Scottie fabric out of my stash.  
Julep is pretty much back to her old self.  The pain pill,
antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory drugs are still making
her sleep more than usual.  I'm slowly reducing the amount
of pain med because I don't feel she needs to take 3 a day.
I'm off to Baltimore today to visit my parents and give
my mom her angel quilt.  Will post pictures on Tuesday.


  1. good job on finishing up the quilts and using up all that fabric.
    Glad to hear Julep is doing well

  2. Very nice - and we are glad to hear Julep is doing well!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble