Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Delivery of the Angels

Angelic Pillowcase 
On Monday morning I drove to my parents in Baltimore to deliver
the angel quilt to my Mom.  With the additional fabric in this collection
I made the pillowcase [above] and the cross pillow [below].  
Angelic Quilt
I glued crystals in various spots around the angel panel
which makes them pop out even more.
 It's small in size but still a little wider then necessary
for the chair my Mom wanted to display it on.
 The small cross panel came with the angel panel
 so I made it into a small pillow.  This is the front and below
is the reverse side.  Of course I had to add crystals.
 ... Looking at old family photo's ...
 After lunch my mom pulled out 3 boxes of old family
photo's.  This oldie but goodie was taken during a
summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland outside 
a store called the Safari Shop.  
 I'm not sure about the location of this photo but in
racking my brain maybe it was taken at the
Baltimore Zoo.  
Thanks for visiting & have a good day.

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  1. The angel quilt is beautiful. Love the old photos. So who is older? You or your sister?