Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's Almost Cupcake Time!

 Cupcake baking time has been in the planning stage for 6 months
 and on Sunday night Marinna [and her family] will be here
visiting her grandparents for a week.  Today I finished the apron for
her to wear during our baking process.  It's reversible with three pockets
 on each side.  We'll be making ice cream cone cupcakes using a white cake
mix.  I found food dye in neon colors to tint the batter and some really
cool sprinkles.  I guess I'll make butter cream icing so we can
tint that as well.  These should be wild!
 Today was another dog day of summer and Julep came
into the sewing room to cool off under the ceiling fan.
 I had some iron-on patches left and added 3 daisy's at the
top center and a star on each pocket.
 The reversible apron back.
 This quilt top is taking me forever!  What seems so simple
is a lot of work.  I'm seriously thinking of keeping this one for myself.
I have about 10 more rows to put on and it's done.
 My new quilting project will be baby quilts.  They will be
small and simple.  An old high school friend has a
daughter expecting her first baby around Christmas so
these will go to her.  Gives me a good excuse to use
 some of my scrap pieces of fabric.  She's having a boy.
Well, that's it for today ... I'm really ready for fall - are you?

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  1. What a cute apron. Way more fun than the black one I wear at work. Your cupcake baking day sounds like it's going to be a fun one