Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another Dinner Party

 The head of the welcoming committee - Julep is waiting
for our dinner guests by the front door.
 Derby has his place under the dining room table in anticipation
of [just maybe] something will fall his way.
 More napkins from my sewing room.
 The color theme was gold/yellow/purple.
 Mr. frog legs still under the table.
 Wilson's summer salad.  This bowl was a gift from friends
and it's at least 17 years old!
 Wait for guests ... it's almost arrival time.
 Nancy made this incredible tasty dessert - chocolate cake,
pudding, cool whip and chocolate chips.  I forgot to take a
photo of it.  It was cool enough last night [after the sun set]
to have dessert on the back porch.  It was relaxed and
everyone enjoyed themselves.

Wilson decided to get an entire tenderloin [which was on sale] at
Harris Teeter.  After trimming he wrapped it in string to baked.
Also on the menu ... corn pudding, mashed potatoes and
parker house rolls.  We found a nice bottle of red wine 
made in Sicily at Harris Teeter.  There is one guy in the
wine department that really knows his stuff and will
spend as much time with you explaining wines as you want. 
We do have a lot of leftover so it's 'leftovers' for lunch since 
we're going out to a neighbors tonight for dinner.


  1. the tenderloin looks good and so does that salad. Derby was pretty smart in choosing where to hang out. I hope he was successful in getting a nibble or two

  2. yes- all so beautiful! esp. the Westies! the salad looks so good. I must try it. Any special dressing that Wilson makes?