Monday, August 8, 2016

It's Baking Day!

 Mariana came over with her mom at 10 this morning.
I had the oven pre-heating and everything was ready to 
start mixing the batter.  I used a white cake mix.
 We tinted the batter with neon food coloring and Marinna
put a spoon full of each colored batter into the ice cream cones.
 They didn't take long to bake and once cool enough Marinna
started decorating with neon tinted butter cream icing.  She
finished decorating the icing with sprinkles.  
 I've made these cone-cakes in the past.  Baking them on a
cookie sheet was a challenge getting them into the oven without
falling over.  While looking at Pinterest I found a photo of using
a disposable foil baking tray with a double layer of foil placed
across the top.  It was then cut with holes just large enough to hold
 the ice cream cone in place.  This made getting these into the oven
much easy.  It was also a nice set-up to transport home.
We had fun!
From start to finish was 2 hours.  Julep hung out under
the table catching all the sprinkles that feel her way.
Mariana and I had a great time and it was also nice
to get to know her mom {Sherry} better.  


  1. They sure look yummy and Mariana looks like she had a great time. She also looks adorable in her apron. Love the pose in the first picture

  2. What a cute idea for a summer treat! Love Mariana's apron.

  3. K.,
    You are a jewel....truly the best!
    I am certain that Mariana will be talking about this for the rest of the summer.