Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Small Is Good

 After baking day with Marinna [and the lack of the morning nap] followed
by a walk in St. Michaels they are catching up on sleep.

 I snagged this pattern from the allpeoplequilt.com website.
My goal is ... to make small/simple quilts for kids. 
 I know who's going to get this one when it's done.
 This quilt [and the one below] are as simple as it gets.  
I want to build up my stash of small kids quilts ... so
you'll be seeing more and if I can't find homes then
they will go into the Outreach group of our Guild.


  1. I like that all people quilt pattern.

  2. Our Wastes have been playing so hard they are exhausted by 7:00! :)