Friday, August 19, 2016

While Wilson is Away in NYC

 Wilson is in New York City helping get Daisy settled into her
first year at Parson's ... so while I'm here with the westies I haven't let 
any grass grow under my sewing pedal while the husband is away!
 This is the group of brightly colored Batik fabrics I though were
fat quarters but in reality they were 6"strips.   These are pressed
and sorted by color.  They filled my cutting table from end to end.

 The quilt pattern I pulled out calls for 2-1/2" strips of fabric.
This is what all that fabric {pictured above} came down to.
Each stack has the same fabric in it.  One for my new project
and one for a future project.

 I have a habit [as probably most quilters] of pulling patterns of interest 
out of magazines.  This is one of those patterns.  It's been resting in my
"quilts to make binder" for over a year.
Looks complicated but it's not.  This is a pattern by Moda
should anyone want to make it.  
 ... The Step-by-Step Process ...
after pressing and cutting into 2-1/2" strips
 1.}  Pick two fabrics and sew together using 1/4" seam.
 2.}  Take all those strips over to the ironing board and press
the seams...that is called 'setting the seam' in quilter language.
 3.}  Bring all those pressed strips over to the cutting table
and cut in lengths of 6-1/2".
 4.}  Take those cut segments back over to the ironing board
and press them open being careful not to stretch the fabric.
Pressed open and ready for the next step.
5.}  Find 2 two-patch segments that work together, pin - then it's 
back to the sewing machine to stitch across the top.  Now it's back
to the ironing board to press them open.
 Getting ready to chain-piece the four patches that was made
above with two more four patches to get one eight patch.
Confused yet?
 6.}  Then it's time to lay them out and sew them all together
to make the first long strip set.
This is what I accomplished last night.  As of this afternoon
I have another section completed about this size.
As I mentioned in yesterday's post ... you have to like 
bright colors to get this quilt.  Now back to sewing!

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  1. While Wilson's away Katie will play (with fabric)
    I like that pattern.